Hi there! Today we would like to present our new winter collection OI17 NEPALIFE that will be available in our shops as of September, after the little ones return to school. The Nepalife collection was originated and inspired during a trip to Nepal that took place last February, through which we were immersed into a spiritual retreat that allowed us to learn a lot about the people who inhabit this magical country. In Nepal is a beautiful place surrounded by peace and harmony, that reminds you of the most important value of life: love. We try to fill our lives with so many things that we often move far away from what's truly essential to live. For all this, we decided to baptise this collection as "Nepalife". The new models of this collection have the names of those things or places that most showed us the true essence of Nepal; together to the description of each article, you can read the origin of its name. The Tika's dust is what inspired the winter's colour palette. We have focused on the greens and burgundy, and added elephant grey, brown and black.




The first thing you notice when you arrive in Nepal is the emblematic neighbourhood of Thamel. It used to be a meeting point for hippies in the past, but now it’s the base camp for alpinists, both professionals and amateurs, who wish to ascend any of the Eight-thousands in the country such as Everest or Annapurna. It is in that specific place where we came together with different races and cultures from across the globe, enjoying their company and their interesting conversations. Europeans, Asians, Americans, Australians... They all share the incredible adventure of ascending one of the Eight-thousand. Nepalese people are kind, cordial and joyful, always doing everything in their hand to make you feel at home.




Our Thamel model receives that name to honour the Nepalese neighbourhood. Thamel is a functional bag that you can wear to go for a walk, to go to work or even to go out at night. It has the perfect capacity to carry your essentials without bearing too much weight. It has many compartments and internal pockets simulating the different spaces found in a typical backpack that is used to climb an Eight-thousand. :-) Through this bag we have reinterpreted the textures and shapes we admired in Thamel, such as its flap, which reminds of the city’s cobblestones. We also wanted to portray the neighbourhood’s most striking colours, such as Earth shades and garnet reds. We also added greens, greys and blacks that remind of the typical hat that is worn by Nepalese men, as well as the semi urban part of this picturesque area. Thamel is without a doubt the best choice if you are in need of a versatile and comfortable bag. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Lumbini model! Our Lumbini model is named after Buddha’s birthplace, where he spent many months meditating under Bodhi, a sacred tree that has now become an essential pilgrimage point for all of those who practice Buddhism. Monks and worshippers visit this place and meditate under the tree.




Milökka’s Lumbini bag reinterprets the space under the Bodhi tree in which Buddha meditated relentlessly. A simple area that was filled with pure harmony. This is why our bag offers a basic yet sophisticated style which adds identity without limiting its possibilities of use. Versatile and for daily use, our Lumbini is ideal for any moment and one of our collections' favourites. The studs on the flap represent the revelations that Buddha had while meditating, and that he later on shared with his followers. Lumbini is a fantastic choice if you wish to carry a bag filled with personality. Let’s take a walk together and move to another wonderful place in the history of Buddha: Nambo Buddha. Being there was a transcendental experience. Legend has it that when Buddha arrived at this place he found a tigress in a very weak state who could barely feed her cubs. Buddha, who was a prince at that moment, pitied the tigress and offered himself as food. She devoured him instantly and in that act of compassion the prince achieved a superior level of existence, turning him into Buddha. Namo Buddha is one of the most sacred places in Buddhism. It is a Tibetan temple where an infinite number of prayer flags bathe the whole site. Located in the peak of a hill, Namo Buddha is a haven of peace, perfect for meditating and relaxing. You can sit next to the monks while they recite their mantras and enter a state of spectacular harmony.




Our Namo, the largest and most spacious bag of our Nepal Life collection, was designed under the influence of Namo Buddha. It materializes everything that we saw there, specially the pilgrims from all kinds of races who carried huge backpacks. This is why we decided to create a shopper for our latest collection and name it Namo. The external pockets located in the front have different fabrics from the rest of the bag, transmitting the varied textures we saw in the characteristic architecture of Nepal. Namo is the perfect score if you need a shopper to carry all your belongings with style. Tomorrow we’ll tell you more about Nepal Life!!

01 Agosto 2017 00:00

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